Monday, August 25, 2008


Went Batam for some tumbling cable-ski action. Didn't take long to reaffirm my lost sport genes. It was raining through the day, which makes it less inviting to go out there to display my "how to fall into the waters in 101 ways" attempts. Wouldn't mind trying silly if not it was so darn freezin' cold. I felt like a wet, fur-less puppy. So i went to nap in the hut instead. 

It was a good day trip though. Had a superbly great time chilling in the hut over some beer and some random music. It was a day to go slow. And i kinda needed that. The only price to pay, its the major shoulder and arm muscle ache i've gotten from the sudden-jerk of the cable. Felt like it was a sport designed to snap your arm out of your shoulder. I speak for the beginners that is. The pros are like flying tarzans in the waters. 

There was Bob- The dog. Okay, I just name it Bob coz' it looks like one. He's a lovely lil' rascal. And there were some monkeys too, and the yelping baby monkey held my hand. :)

The ferry back was awesome. Just chilling to the breeze at the deck of the boat. That serenity and smell of sea-breeze is sensational. In the calm sort of way. 

I would wanna go back there again. 

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