Thursday, August 28, 2008


If you haven't already started reading Monocle, here's why you really should. They are amazingly informative - all in bite-size mind nibblets. They cover a myriad of topics touching mostly on global affairs, business, culture, politics, traveling, and design- all in digestible mental slots, or detailed perspective reports from some {subject} gurus.

If you are into traveling and global trend updates, you must get this issue (Aug issue 15) - which talks about Global Cities. It gives quick and clear reviews on the most alluring and livable cities in the world, taking into consideration issues such as economy, transporation, crime, green-space, general disposition of the locals, proximity to fun things to do etc. Of course, we are talking about city-living, not about which farm or zulu tribe you would want to retire at. 

Apparently, Copenhagen is topping the charts now. Very appealing with its win of being the "Design City". Thus, my new-found interest and reason to visit.

Here's a snippet of the top 5 contenders (get the issue to glimpse at all top 50 - and others that didn't make it and why not.) -

Months of good-natured, frequently late-night and occasionally jetlagged debate have resulted in this: our definitive (and a little subjective) guide to the world's most liveable cities.

 #01 Copenhagen

Copenhageners rejoice: your city (and its design) has our gold medal

#02 Munich

Pipped to the post this year, 2007's champ still charms us every time

#03 Tokyo

Behind the fast-fwd stereotype lies a big city getting the basics right

#04 Zurich

Our continental European seat still impresses but occasionally irritates

#05 Helsinki

Waterside revival, civic pride and a view to Asia bode well for the city

I'm major-ly inspired by this particular issue and can't stop raving about it - thus the need to propagate. For someone who is always trying to peek over from behind the great grey wall, it comes handy as an imminent itinerary, to-travel check list, or a compact Luxe Guide to the world - all in one issue. 

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