Thursday, April 30, 2009

.when i grow up, i want to be a VJ.

A starter kit for amateurs n wannabes like me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm lovin' this. Putting LED lights on sheeps? These light-technicians sure has a way of looking at things. I'm just betting that rain doesn't come down on these poor sheepies. 

.New York New York.

Just when I'm toying with the idea of a summer course at the big Apple. 

Listen to The Lost Tribes of New York City. A short animated film from Andy and Carolyn London. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

.be kind, unwind.



Finally i have a bit now. Just a little, mini, pint size break. 

Had been entirely devoured by work since I'm back from my mini holiday. Phoo. It's payback time from those guys to me going away. 

Bali was great. Oh wait, or was it awesome? >:)

Definitely I needed a holiday, and a holiday indeed. It was an impromptu decision to go on the trip. So whoever that was ready-gamed, caught the magic carpet ride. Pity it was on such short notice, if not more of some crazy jackass friends out there could have joined us there as well. (Yvonne, Hannah, BQ, Dickie and BRONZEE - till the next one aye? :)

As good as it was queer, there were some disruptive incidents schemed by the seeming Holiday-Destroyer of the higher force. 

Like getting stopped by traffic police for not wearing helmet, security barging in trying to throw some of us out of the hotel even thou' we were paying guests, getting stopped by the traffic police for not helmet again, picking up a dead rat by what's left of it - it's tail, in the morning thinkin it was fish remains I fed the cats in the villa, breaking my toe from kicking a chair in the hotel room, losing my air ticket, paid for a one way ticket home (and then finding the ticket when we got back home). Still, I'll reckon we could use some dash of spice for a regular retreat.

As witnessed, I had totally lost the last bit of sanguinity along this trip. Being zen is so last year. I think I was taking the chance to let go of the canned fumes and feuds I had myself contained in these past months at work. Snarling and barking like a rabid dog sure didn't look good, but it certainly felt darn good. 

Here's to great skies (featuring wicked clouds transformation from galloping unicorns to evil rabbits), breezy night bike rides (in Kimono/ Yakuza robes), nice big villa and its private icy pool, cheesy ultra-violet light disco-pubs along Legian Kuta, surfing-but-not-surfing at the sun-baking beach, great array of food (organic ones especially) and fond new memories. Revisiting Bali didn't make it lack lustre at all. 

Of course, what's one without the companionship of great friends? These are the people that make the holiday. So here's to D, W and T for being (so fuckin') spectacular. 

Not much pictures chronicled from this trip. Because we were so fuckin' busy having fun.

Here's a piece of our memories:



Oh, that was reality.

Monday, April 6, 2009

.Pacemaker - Music Pacer.

"Something you may find interesting.....see if it's blog-worthy.. =)
I wanna sell my iPod off for this!" - Warren

Thanks W. It is quite a cool on-the-go music gadget for all. Just thinking that if everyone owns one of this at a private party, we can imagine the chaos that everyone wants to be a DJ too. 2ManyDjs aye. 

It's ok, coz i'll be snooping around with the projection on my imminent new toy. Soon enough I hope. 

Beware DJs, somethin wicked-er coming your way. >:)