Saturday, March 28, 2009

.apples and oranges.

I don't like boys who ask for what a gal wants.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

.The big O.

Very random. Very ticklish.

*Courtesy of Tomas

.AntiVJ in Breda.

A short TV report for the whiz kids on Netherlands National TV. On their recent projection mapping project in a Cathedral church in Breda. Imagine how grandeau that could be, having the sounds of echoing organ tingling down your spine.

.Heaven/UNKLE - Spike Jonze.

Monday, March 23, 2009

.More 8-bit mania - Dawn Metropolis / SEXY SYNTHESIZER

*Courtesy of ZL.

Of which, reminds me of the CD i bought when I was in Tokyo last October. From some random toy/stationery shop. Sexy Synthesizer produces music from 8-bit sounds from old skool games like Mario Bros. etc, and did several covers which was pretty refreshing to the ears. 

Here's one. You just gotta love the eccentricity of the Japanese.

The vid is a lil' raw and low-d but well, you get the idea.

.mosaic music festival.


I'm wriggling into my blog again in attempt to "un-dormant" it. Before it goes into screen saver mode.

I've been warned not to be too lazy with updating my blog as a form of ungratefulness to some who has taken the effort to check back religiously everyday. (Thanks Bronzee. Tsk.) So I will keep sleep-writing.

Since I moved in to the new place, i've enjoyed chilling at home more than ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Listening to Stacey Kent while my fingers tapped on the keyboard, like it's a piano that I wished I had known how to play.

For 3 wkends I invited my homies over for some mashing-button good times on my very guests-welcoming home gadget - PS3. Makes me wonder my friends enjoy popping by to hangout with me or my PS3. I still love them anyway.

It was a good week. Mosaic Music Festival came and gone. A great music fiesta I've painfully waited a year for. Caught some really good gigs - PSAPP, Of Montreal, Battles, Cinematic Orchestra, Skye (vocalist of Morcheeba) and Melanie Pain (Nouvelle Vague). 

I have to say Skye n Psapp were my fav gigs. Psapp playing a lovable genre of "toytronica" slapping plastic fish onto the mic, winding old clocks and toys, and squeezing a squeaking plastic chicken is definitely my kind of thing. Yea really. Skye, needless to say. She fell from the sky and brought Morcheeba closer to my ear and heart. Very endearing performers, 2 of them. Oh not forgetting how divinely butterscotch sweet Melanie Pain's voice can be. Lazy, sexy, soft-porn kinda voice. Like sizzling cotton candy crystals on a buttery hot plate.

Of Montreal n Battles were rather entertaining in their own quirky way too. Totally eccentric bunch of dudes. It would have been better if UVA came along with Battles to do a live set. I would just get a mind cramp on site. The music scene here needs to know that it's wayyyyyyyyy about time to bring in audio visual installations as part of their music bonanza. Visual stimulation is not just a perk. It's essential. 

Now that I've taken a back seat chilling out more than I have my ass boogie-ing at night joints, this music festival has nicely quenched my insatiable thirst for great tunes - in a slow, groovy way. I'm happy. 

Music is my soul food.

Keep feeding me.

Here's a lovable one by Psapp. ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009

.Motion Type - Dafty.

Love the neo-colors of this one. And the absolute simplicity of the other.

Monday, March 9, 2009

.move type.

Awesome motion typography.

In my favourite colors.  

No colors.

.please say something.

He triggers all kinds of senses, with this little animation. Using compression artefacts or "datamoshing" - a term he so despises

.inner strength.

.unheard, still.

This was 16 years ago, at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, also known as the Rio Summit, Earth Summit (or, in Portuguese, Eco '92), a major conference held in Rio de Janeiro from June 3 to June 14, 1992. the UN international Environmental Conference. 

Did anybody listen?
Mario Profaca

I guess not.

Friday, March 6, 2009

.Concert eye candies.

Top 10 most awesome visual concerts. 

And then you think - what ever happened to the scene where I'm at. Godamnit.

Here's the top of the dogs. Daft fuckin ace Punk.

*Courtesy of Tomas L.

.lost generation.

This is not new. Have seen an ad about politics that used the same technique. But somehow I just can't find it again... Thought that was even better.

.guitar hero - as he is.

Making me fall in love with this song all over again. 

And, the reason I'm actually playing my Guitar hero. Tsk.

Version by "Funtwo"

Rock version originally arranged by Jerry C from Taiwan. I still like the original better. This guy puts more feelings to it.

And now the Guitar Hero version. >:)

.superuseless me please.

A new era of heroes. 

Better than the real thing.

Your gaze isn't strong enough to burn through anything, just strong enough to point things out. Makes prolonged eye contact particularly awkward and painful during romantic dinners and job interviews. 

And this gotta be my favourite.

SUPERUSELESS SUPERPOWER: Achieving 99% opacity, a.k.a. The Slightly Invisible Man.
This throwaway power lets you vanish into thin air as long as that thin air is obscured by enough thick air to cover up the other 99% of your completely visible body. Sorry, no dice on landing that plum invisibility role in the sequel to Ghost Dad either.

For more. Go superuseless yourself here.

*Courtesy of Tomas