Sunday, October 25, 2009

.Dual Sheep.

Well i don't usually take on a check on star signs readings or anymore.

Just kinda 'stumbled' upon it. N think this is slightly interesting.

"You function essentially with your own antennas, for you feel things more than you understand them. In fact, you're almost always right in trusting your intuition, which is really extraordinary.

You've a great thirst for tenderness. But you let yourself be influenced too easily when your sentiments are at play. Thus you're more often disappointed than satisfied. In order to console yourself, you tend to take refuge in your own universe where everything is idealized. It will be in your interest not to let yourself be trapped by your weakness, especially when one appeals to your goodness or your pity. Indeed, you're generally ready to give everything without complaining.

Your life is often marked with very painful ordeals and responsibilities which are too heavy for your shoulders. Showing a tendency to masochism, you like to arouse the compassion and admiration of others. With age, you forge for yourself a philosophy colored with stoicism.

In the domain of work, your intuitions are a precious asset. But your lack of initiative can prevent you from reaching the highest peaks. In fact, you prefer being able to help others to having success for yourself.

With you, friendship often takes precedence over love, precisely because you're afraid to suffer from the agonies of passion. Above all, you need to be supported and encouraged within the framework of marriage."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

.The xx.

They are just too good.

So much soul in their tunes.

Thanks to Ryan / DJ Agency for the heads up.

I love the entire album. Even The Intro is good. Here's some, but you wouldn't take long before you wanna bag the entire collection into your playlist. And loop it them for 79 times before you sleep.

They are from South London, and they are only in their 20s. Mind you they were banded since 4 yrs ago.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

.i am wind.

Finally. I'm going to share what I did last summer in NYC Parsons.

My mini 8mins of pride, filming and producing a short documentary on a totally foreign and unexpected topic - Long boarding.

From pre-pro, looking for interviewees, shooting, final cut, music-editing.. all in one week. It sure was intense, but the fun making it was paying off after every passing minute as well. Me and my partner Manual Branaa, had some invincible chemistry and synergy, that had made this little production possible without us tearing each other's faces apart by the end of it. Almost. But not.

Here's the manifesto:

It's not an award-winning documentary for sure, but what's more important - i had fun, and it makes my heart smile reminiscing the making of. ;)