Friday, December 12, 2008


I'm feeling queasy about my imminent holiday.

Work had been hell and the only look forward to is to getaway. Now it seems like it's just one more thing to worry about.

I'm going India. A land of chaos as it already is, more so now with the multiple attacks. I would be less afraid if they were going for the government - as always. Now that they are preying on us - the tourists. 

One of ours got shot the day she checked in at the hotel - when she was supposed to be there just for a night, going back home the next day. Blame it on the bad luck, blame it on the terrorists, blame it on her boss who made her go for that stupid conference, but blame no one when it has already happened and change is not an option.

Blame it on choices. 

Chaos is always a good mix in life - especially coming from a urban city spoilt brat like myself. I'm almost driven mad with systems and structure, that i am beginning to embrace disruptions. Break the pattern and see how people go mad. Rearrange the sequence and see people lose their way. I seem to have a streak of luck of losing mine. Picking up faith again along the way i lose them.

I'm not sure if I am unexcited about the trip because of the multiple signs dropped to dishearten or create fear, or just that I am losing enthusiasm in plans that would fly. As proven again, the best plan to have is to have no plans.

No expectations allow room for surprises.

I have a huge ass warehouse for it now. Please. Bring it on if you may.

Friday, December 5, 2008


They did it again.

I haven't even gotten over the last project they did and now they are here to give me another attack at the heart. It's brain frying and I am totally disgusted at the people who are there in place of me. 

EXYZT latest projection mapping music/lights/architectural installation - BOOMBOX took place on 4th Oct 2008 without sending me a black envelope sealed with a private invitation to this event. How dare they. I need to be there next time. Take me to France. Please.

Warning - Not for the faint hearted and weak mind.

On a side note, the last scene looks very much like HBO's glory project - Voyeur done last year. Whatever, they still rock my Grandmother's socks.

HBO Voyeur (If you have no clue about this - you should.)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WE SEE MUSIC #EXYZT - Etienne De Crecy!

Been so fuckin busy that i havent been following up.

Anyway, now that "Human" performance by The Killers at MTV EMA awards (posted below) is not as original as we thought it was, heres the other dudes supposedly behind this awesome projection mapping music visualization, which was done b4 MTV times. 
Albeit their source of inspiration uncovered, I would not discount the fact that MTV production crew still did a great job entertaining at the awards
The difference is that Etienne De Crecy's visuals are projected on semi-transparent screens (for added illusion of depth) while The Killer's act was projected on LCD screens.

Tipped by Kentie and Tomas, the brainchild behind this amazing installation (behind the much raved about EMA performance for The Killers by unknown mimic visual artist) is Parisian crew EXYZT who are a team of architects, designers, geniuses technicians etc..

"The show is an hour of visual mapping and projections on a big cube, while de Crecy is playing live electronic music, and triggering the lights and visual sequences, standing in the middle cube, inside the installation. The setup is very effective, they used semi-transparent material to give more depth to the projections, and all the content is perfectly mapped to the structure, and produced with a very specific technique, to give the impression that the cubes are actually in 3D, and to create depth and volume.

In fact there is only one projector, and all the magic comes from the clever setup and the quality of production." 

/source AntiVJ's blog  (Another awesome visual artist collectives - whom i'll get to for their stunning work in next bits.)

Heres some other work by EXYZT. 

Mapping on building:

Mapping on Scaffolding building (i love the track used for this):

And a little quirky one using city lights and beat of life in Tokyo as rythmn to the music. 

I think these people should be made Knights of the Sonic Kingdom.

Coming soon.... AntiVJ.  >:)