Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My fingers had been feeling a tad lazy to be waltzing on the keyboard lately. Shame on them.

I hope that the new place i'm moving to will be a condusive place where I can finally be doing what I wanna do. Watch some TV, read my books, and think about bigger and smaller things in life. U know, simple things. That I had long ago taken granted for.

Work had been a madhouse (what's new), but I had been pacing up to meet different schedules mainly to get my life reorganized again. I'm finally moving out of the shithole where pigs would be happy to find refuge in. The place where I had to do a mini hurdle from the living room to get to my bedroom, the place where I'm still trying to figure out which pile of clothes are the dirty ones and which are the i-tried-on-and-nah-not-for-today ones. I am a sloth.

I blame it on work, the time i had left by the time I stepped into my lonely apartment. Though i use the word "lonely", I actually mean it more as "alone". 

I don't feel lonely at all. I adore time alone in fact. I'm beginning to wonder if it's the age thing. I used to be such a social butterfly (moth, really). Now i just loathe small talks coz I'm so lack of the luxury of time to devote on unnecessary things and people.

I feel like I want to do a hundred things a day. (Though I usually think accomplishing 2 is a big deal.) Like finally terminating my old phone line is like a BIG strike off from my To-Do's list. Not falling asleep at work is another.

A big pitch has came and gone. I'm still waiting for my boss to come give me a pat on my shoulder and say that it was worthy not going home from office and in my stinky shirt dress for 3 days. He hasn't.

Now that I found a new place. I am hopeful with this new beginning thing as opposed to my semi-zodiac-cursed 2009. I'm not saying that i believe in it, I'm just saying that I don't like to be cursed. 

As I was saying paragraphs before. I adore this new estate. But i am under major pressure to be watching my volume and keep it down, considering a muzzle for my yappy dog (her name is Yokie) and watching a action-blast movie on my headphone all because I seriously think I might have just moved into an estate where anti-nocturnal-zombies gather. 

It's quiet at 10pm. And my life starts only after 12 midnight.

I just got a fairly kickass sound system, and yet I can't potentialize it. 

Fuck ass. 


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