Friday, August 22, 2008

.sneak preview to an overview of a future review.

Fu  tur a  is      the   pa   s t.

Ideal :

- Flying cars

- High rise farms

- Hydrogen supersedes the oil economy in 2020

- More medicinal cures

- Healthier and weightier future seniors

- Billion of millionaires in 2025

- Fashion will go wired as technologies converge with the textile industry (Wearable   digital art)

- Suborbital flights become affordable_ Space tourism goes into Golden Age

- Full democracy in 21st century

- Species brought back from extinction

- Robotic dance tutors

- Skills and language learning instant microchips

- Holographic tv

- Immersive virtual-reality shopping booths

- More decisions will be made by nonhuman entities_robot workers, robot army



- Commuting on feet and non-fueled vehicles like, bicycles.

- Water shortage will plague the world. Water will be in the 21st century what oil was in the 20th century

- More types of diseases

- Congestion. Communal-living for humans.

- Counterfeiting of currency and/or inflation, will proliferate_ an era of “The Cashless Society”

- The evaporation of privacy

- Totalitarian Government- then overthrown by- User-Generated Politics_ {social chaos} _ The mass is king.

- The rise of pro-mateurs, the downfall of professionalism_ A very “averaged society”

- Beauty is no longer valued, nor understood. “We all look the same surviving”.

- Cave travel_ in seek of refuge for home

- Earth is on the verge of extinction event

- Signage-teaching. The remains of the boom-to-doom human sophistication and literacy.

- Population saturation_ Unemployment. Human made redundant

- The world resets.

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